The Road to Yesterday

by Dick Baldwin

The Road to Yesterday was a series of articles published monthly in Trap & Field Magazine and written by former Museum Director Dick Baldwin. Dick passed away in October, 2006. He published most of the articles in his book "The Road to Yesterday."

October, 2000 M. D. Clark
November, 2000 Plinky Topperwein
December, 2000 Captain A. H. Bogardus
January, 2001 Forest McNeir of Texas
February, 2001 Ben Higgenson of New York
March, 2001 Annie Oakley "Powders I Have Used"
April, 2001 Early Trapshooting Associations
May, 2001 Fred Kimble
June, 2001 Mark Arie
July, 2001 Al Riehl
August, 2001 The Grand American and Perely Gates
September, 2001 Jimmy Robinson
October, 2001 Orlich vs. Snellenberger, 1961 C/C shootoff
November, 2001 Hugh "Bud" McKinley
December, 2001 Marie Kautzky Grant
January, 2002 A. C. "Titanic" Thomas
February, 2002 The Remarkable J. A. R. Elliott
March, 2002 The Life and Times of John Philip Sousa
April, 2002 The First Grand American
May, 2002 Arnold Riegger
June, 2002 The Professional "Trademen"
July, 2002 Fred Gilbert
August, 2002 Yorklyn Gun Club and the Marshall 500
September, 2002 Chamberlin Cartridge Company
October, 2002 Trapshooting and Baseball
November, 2002 Tom Marshall
December, 2002 Trapshooting Tales and Anecdotes
January, 2003 The "Professionals"
February, 2003 Repeat of February, 2001...Ben Higgenson
March, 2003 Wanda
April, 2003 The "Jenkin's Clan"
May, 2003 My First Grand, 1950
June, July 2004 Part 1 and 2...JAR Elliott
November, 2004 Rolla "Pop" Heikes
January, 2005 Albert Ivins And His Tomb Stone
February 2005 The Talking Shotgun
November 2006 The Fabulous Topperweins, Part 1
December, 2006 The Fabulous Topperweins, Part 2
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