First 100's from 27 Yards

TRAP and FIELD, September,1964
Pages 56-57
JULY 19, 1964

The mark that trapshooters had tried nine years to enter in the record books was made July 19 at the Cortez ( Colo. ) Trap Club by a man who had attempted the feat for just one week and 300 targets. It was on this date that Lt. Col. E. S. Throckmorton, shooting for the third time from 27yards-smashed 100 straight from that maximum back-yardage to rewrite the trapshooting record book. It was the first time in the history of the 27-yard line (which was introduced in 1955) that a shooter had accomplished this feat.

And after nine years of no one being able to establish this record, another shooter did the same thing within 11 days. This time it was a shooter who himself had been trying for those nine years. In that period he had registered 11 near-perfect 99s from the 27-yard line, but he had never be able to get that elusive 100. But on July 30 at the Denver , Colorado Municipal T&SC during the preliminary handicap of the Mile-Hi shoot, Dan Orlich smashed all his handicap clays from the maximum 27. Orlich, one of the stars of the trapshooting world since his entry into it in 1952, lost one 16-yard target the day he broke all of them from the 27. The very next day, Friday, July 31, he proceeded to break everything thrown at him-which included 100 singles and 100 doubles. This was the fifth time in ATA registered records that Orlich had broken 100 straight in doubles, and the first time one man had ever accomplished such a feat.

Starts Shooting in 1956

Lt. Col. Throckmorton, a native of Missouri who has lived most frequently in Texas the past few years and who is now moving to Nebraska, joined the ATA in 1952 (the same year as Orlich) but did not start shooting until 1956. He is an 18-year Army man, currently with USA Artillery. A past director of the Texas State Trap Association, Throckmorton has attended two Grand Americans, last year winning Class A in a preliminary singles race. In 1961 he was the Texas state singles champion, and he has won out-of-state awards in Pennsylvania and Wyoming.

Lt. Col. Throckmorton had not shot at Cortez since July 1963, and then he broke 97 in the handicap to be moved back to the 26-yard line. Seventeen days short of one year later, he broke 98 from 26 at Ent R&GC at Colorado Springs to be moved back to the 27. He had shot 2,800 targets from the 26 between those dates. On July 12 this year he shot at his first 100 registered birds from the 27-yard line, with an 89 result. This was at the Pueblo T&SC.

On July 17 he broke 94 from 27 at Cortez, and two days later rewrote the record books with the perfect score.

Orlich Is Third on 27

Dan Orlich was the third person in trapshooting to be moved back to the maximum 27-yard line after its inauguration in 1955. The former football star earned his way to the 27 on Apr. 16, 1955 at the California State Shoot at Kingsburg. Lead off-man Orlich was third by just a few targets. In his squad were Maynard Henry and Evelyn Primm, who also worked their way back there in the same race. Primm became then the first woman to be so handicapped, and the fifth person in the history of the sport on the 27.

Perfect scores from back-yardages have long been sought after and rarely achieved. The records are difficult to trace at times, and weeks of research into the old Sportsmen's Review bound volumes sometimes prove rewarding and other times fruitless. Some shooters' memories have dimmed through the years, and others are as exact as can be. From many sources, the following information has been compiled. Any corrections or additions to this information will be gratefully received by TRAP & FIELD.

The first 100 straight on record from 23 yards belongs to Charles "Sparrow" Young, who won the Grand American with this score in 1926. This was the second time a straight had been entered in the history of the Grand, and it was the farthest back the winner had ever stood-but it wasn't the first time Young had ever blasted them all from this yardage. He was the first man ever to break 100 straight from 23 yards, in 1916 at Peru, Ind. Young is deceased. (The first to break 100 straight at the Grand to win was Riley Thompson.

The first 100 straight from 25 yards was accomplished by Phil Miller, who now lives in Dallas, Tex. and who is still active in shooting, particularly flyer shooting. He is also noted as the gun club manager who started the famous Golden West Grand American off in a big way. Miller's 100 from 25 yards was entered on Aug. 13, 1924 at Clarksdale, Miss.

The second person to break 100 from 25 yards was Mark Arie (now deceased), another all-time great. He did this during blistering weather at the Iowa State Shoot in 1934. During that shoot, he established a national all-around record when he also broke 198x200 singles and 97 doubles to total 395x400.

In the next 18 years, there were only five more men who could match this perfect score from 25. Vic Reinders remembers that he was the sixth man to do it, but it was the seventh 100. John Rigg of Pennsylvania had done it twice (both within one week). Also breaking the 100 from 25 was Rush Razee, but the other man's name so far has not been recalled or located. Reinders did it June 28, 1952 at the Illinois State Shoot at Casey, and a few days later Charley Haines matched this score from this yardage at the Wyoming State Shoot at the Hill Top Traps in Cody.

There have been many more 100 straights from the 25 since then.

Straights from 26 Yards

TRAP and FIELD, August 1965
Pages 74-78

Tom Muscio, of Santa Maria, California posted 100 straight to win his State Handicap Championship at  the Sacramento Trap Club on June 20, 1965.  His century also aided him in securing the State All-Around title and was the first perfect score from that yardage ever recorded in the history of the ATA.  Ron Sellers of the Pacific International Trapshooting Association broke 100 straight during that association's Utah State Shoot last September. Since Sellers' ATA yardage at that time was 27, the score was not cross-registered.

Since 1955 Orlich has 11 times lost only one bird from the 27 in over 50,000 targets. His first near-perfect score was entered at the Golden West Grand in Reno, Nev. in 1956. He did it again in Las Vegas in 1958, and shot off with Wayne Kennedy of Kimball, Neb., who entered 99 from the same maximum yardage. Others known to have scored at least one 99 from the 27 are Frank E. Smith, Albuquerque, N.M.; Arnold Riegger, then of Castle Rock, Wash.; Claude Felix, Independence, Mo., and (this year) Jim McCole, Gering, Neb., and Larry Gravestock, Amarillo, Tex.

An interesting sidelight on the 100 straight from 25 yards fired by Mark Arie at the Iowa State Shoot in 1934 was furnished recently by Iowa shooters who were there at the time. Limitations on shells were not what they are these days, and Arie was shooting 31/4 dram, 11/4 oz., #7 copper shot. Several shooters following the Illinois shooter down the line noticed that on his first three traps he had stood in the grass, where he was used to standing since not many clubs had 25-yard walks in those days. The site of the Iowa State Shoot that year was one of them that did, however. Before Arie went up to his fourth field, some of his friends told him he was standing way behind the 25-yard line back much further than necessary. His answer was that he had done all right that way-being 75 straight at the time, of course-and he thought he'd just continue to stand back there. He did, and it didn't make a bit of difference.

Record Long-Yardage Squad

So far as can be determined, the record long-yardage squad is one that shot at the Golden West Grand in May, 1959. Participants, their yardages and their scores were:

Bill Salt ( 25)  100x100
Bill Everhart ( 27)  95x100
Gil Flook ( 25)  96x100
Arnold Riegger ( 27)  98x100
Pat Miller ( 26)  95x100

Total 484x500

First 11 Hundreds from the 27 Yard Line

Dan Orlich has 6 of the first 11 100 straights from 27 yards.

July 19, 1964 Col. E. S. Throkmorton Four Corners Roundup, Cortex (CO) Trap Club
July 30, 1964 Dan Orlich Mile High Shoot, Denver (CO) Municipal Trap Club
August 6, 1965 George Snellenberger ATA Central Zone Shoot, Evansville (IN) Gun Club
October 2, 1965 J. C. (Dick) Morrison Fall Festival, Knoxville (TN) Gun Club
May 10, 1966 Dan Orlich (his second) Golden West Grand, Harolds Trap Club, Reno, NV
May 21, 1966 Larry Gravestock Panhandle Championships, Amarillo (TX) Gun Club
August 7, 1966 Dan Orlich (his third) Mile High Shoot, Denver (CO) Municipal Trap Club
July 23, 1967 Dan Orlich (his fourth) ATA Western Zone Shoot, Cheyenne (WY) Trap Club
May 8, 1968 Dan Orlich (his fifth) Golden West Grand, Harolds Trap Club, Reno, NV
May 9, 1968 Frank Little Golden West Grand, Harolds Trap Club, Reno, NV
May 11, 1968 Dan Orlich (his sixth) Golden West Grand, Harolds Trap Club, Reno, NV
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