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So You Want To Shoot Registered ATA Targets

You are now interested in shooting registered ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Association) targets. It's easy. First, you have to go to a club that shoots registered targets. (Schedules can be found on the ATA website.) Next, go to the cashier and join the ATA. You can then shoot registered targets immediately. Dues are $18.00 per year (September to August). Then enter the shoot by picking your squad and shooting position (post 1,2,3,4 or 5). The cashier can help you out with the entry procedure. You will find the cost is a little more expensive than a practice shoot and you shoot 100 targets. The target cost will usually be from $15.00 to $22.00 for the hundred targets. You will be required to also pay what are called "fees". The ATA fee is $2.00 per day, plus each state charges a fee for their state association. You are now entered in the shoot. Make sure you arrive at your starting trap on time and do not be late. You then shoot 25 targets and then move to the second trap. Shoot another 25 targets and move to the third and fourth traps and repeat, 25 targets per trap until you have shot your total 100 targets. You are now on your way to an exciting career of registered trapshooting. 

How to Keep a Scorecard

When you join the ATA you will receive a membership card which doubles as a score card. Keep this card up to date at all times and neat. 

Money Options

Remember, the ATA does not recommend that you play options This is an individual choice. There are many kinds of money options to choose from when you have progressed to the point where you might want to play the money options. Remember, most clubs have their own kinds of options. They change the percentages, cost and various methods of payout. Ask the cashier to explain the option to you. Remember, don't play any money than you can afford to lose. For beginning shooters, the basic Lewis Class option is best suited for your skills. You can win money with this option with a very low score. Here are a few others......

MODIFIED LEWIS EXPLANATION In the Modified Lewis, 35% of all money will be distributed to the top two scores - 21% to the top score and 14% to the second score. The third score will become the first of five lewis classes (13% each class) divided one money each class.

ATA POINT SYSTEM The ATA Point System is an option designed to insure that the more targets you break, the more money you win. It is usually found in Handicap events. One money each five entries means that one-fifth of all shooters entered in the purse will be winners. Low score in the money will receive one point, next higher score will receive two points, etc., except that the difference between the first and second scores will be four points, and the difference between second and third high scores will be three points. The total points awarded will be divided into the total money to determine the value of each point. The amount the shooter will receive is the total of the value of each point multiplied by his total number of points.

25's & 50's Options  This is a very popular option used for handicap events. If you play the 25's, you will win money if you break a 25  in that sub-event. Usually, its 60% of the money played by the shooters. Of course, others may tie you in the sub-event. In that case, you split the money. If you break a 24 you also win money, usually 40% of the money played by the shooters. Ties will divide. In the 50's option, 50, 49 and 48 usually win money. 50% goes to the 50, 30% goes to the 49 and 20% go to the 48's. Remember, ties divide.

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